L Davis Carpenter – this is the title of the me who wears the writer’s cap. I am also a professional artist and independent insurance adjuster. Please do not shatter my delusion that if I am a jack-of-all-trades long enough I may eventually be really good at something.

This blog will chronicle my writing journey. It will record my process and be a repository of reference materials I find useful for myself and, maybe for you as well. You will not find formal book reviews here. I have decided that, as a new writer, I am not comfortable providing starred reviews for other writers. However, I am, of course, a reader. I will use this blog to respond to my reading. I will comment on particular aspects of other works either as a reader or as a writing student observing the craft of others.

I am actively working on an historical adventure.

My other blogs are:

Longagoandfaraway.org – A blog for historical fiction set outside the normal locals of the US and Western Europe. Most posts to longagoandfaraway.org will be cross-posted here.

Marshhawkstudio.com – My decorative arts business website/blog.

And: Lausannesgoldenroad.wordpress.com – Which is my catch-all place. This blog will have cross-posts from all the others plus anything else I feel like adding but doesn’t fit elsewhere.

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